Luxe Cape
Capes always add instant chic to any outfit. Our Luxe Cape is encircled with lettuce stitching & luxed up with alpaca hair encircling the neckline.
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Cedric's was started by Cedric Kirchner in 1964 opening 16 retail stores featuring Men's and Women's designer clothing and furs. Cedric's was highly regarded in the industry as a premier clothing operation providing the customer with an exceptional selection from prominent designers around the world and exclusive Italian imports.

In 2003 Cedric discovered a gap in the market and started manufacturing a collection for shop NBC T.V. with overwhelming response. was started as our aim to bring customers a selection of accessories and unique luxe product at affordable prices.

To accomplish this goal we partner directly with premier manufacturers across the globe and leverage these strong relationships, allowing us to pass on to our customers spectacular styles at significant reductions we realize in overhead and costs.

Drawing from this inspiration we continue to produce a collection of unique luxe styles for today's active woman with a discerning eye for luxury and affordability.

Proper care of your fur garment will ensure that you will be able to wear it for years. It is important to protect all parts of the fur: Guard hairs are the long, coarse hairs that form a protective coating over the undercoat of a mammal. Underfur is a growth of short hair or fur partly concealed by the longer guard hairs.

To maintain the appearance of your garment, hang on a padded hanger and avoid things that could snag or mat the fur (pins, sharp jewelry, handbag handles, etc.). Also avoid spraying alcohol-based things like perfume or hair products while wearing your fur, as these can dry it out.

While rain and snow bead up and run off most furs, a damp fur should still be hung in a well-ventilated room to dry, away from heat that can dry out the fur too much. A fur specialist should take care of a garment that has been soaked through.

If you will not be wearing your fur for extended periods of time, store in an environment specifically designed for fur such as a climate-controlled storage, which can protect from damaging humidity, heat, light, and insects. A fur specialist should also clean and condition your fur on a regular basis. This can include removing dirt without damaging the garment and restoring oils on the leather side. Some furriers will also glaze the fur to restore the luster.